My team and I are working remotely from home. The best way to reach us is at or (631) 824-6555. So far Everyone in our office is COVID FREE!! This is an insidious virus and the best way for you to stay healthy and to defeat the pandemic is to keep contact with other people to a bare minimum. 

The State Courts are closed. For all practical purposes all proceedings are on hold. No new actions, no new motions, no filings of judgements, and the times to answer motions is also tolled. Federal Courts are OPEN and doing business by telephone conference. 

We are concerned first for the health and well-being of our clients and the public at large. Our next concern is how to manage personal and business affairs during the crisis and how to be prepared to handle our affairs in the immediate aftermath. We believe that coming out of the crisis with the least amount of damage depends on taking the right steps now. Nearly everyone’s income is gong to be affected in some way. This is the time for managing your expenses relative to your income. We can explain your options and help you prioritize and manage until we are on the other side of this. 




FORECLOSURE  DEFENSE refers to our legal services for people who are already in foreclosure or who are in default and where the bank is about to start an action in Supreme Court. Not everyone in default ends up in foreclosure. My first goal is to help you stay out of foreclosure by modifying the loan or with other types of agreements with your lender.


LOAN MODIFICATION is one strategy to avoid foreclosure and to settle the foreclosure litigation once the action has already been commenced. The type of loan you have will determine the strategy for the litigation and the options available to you for loan modification. 


There is a deluge of information concerning how we plan or immediate financial futures. With mortgages many of you are already in modification plans or are in the middle of the application process. My colleagues and I monitor loan servicer websites and government websites for information on relief and forbearance programs for mortgages and all other kinds of debt. Please remember that we are all in this together and that sooner or later this crisis will end. Until that time, it is vitally important to know how to plan for what is next. 


Since 2009, Foreclosure Defense litigation is nearly all of my practice. The intended result is to develop a strategy for each client that meets their long term and short term goals. Its definitely not one size fits all.  Just like any other kind of litigation, a successful settlement depends on how hard you fight. I am in practice for 30 years, all of it in real estate and banking transactions and real property and foreclosure defense litigation. I have a strong appellate practice and continuing participation with the Suffolk County Bar and its Academy of Law. I am closely associated with attorneys whom I believe are at the top of their respective fields. I am widely published in my area of practice and lecture to attorneys for continuing education for lawyers. 


Erin E. Wietecha

Erin has represented debtors and creditors in Chapter 7, 11, 13, and 15 bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings. She provided pro bono services to consumers through the New York City Bar Association Consumer Bankruptcy Project, and has also counseled debtors and homeowners defending foreclosure cases.


Charles H. Wallshein

Charles is in practice for 30 years. His areas of practice are real estate and real property litigation. He has a strong background in securitized mortgage finance and foreclosure defense  litigation. He is a member of the Suffolk County Bar Association and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.